While Mezcal has been produced and enjoyed in Mexico for 500 years, the rest of the world has only recently discovered this beverage. The Mezcal Institute provides educational content and resources to industry professionals, Mezcal producers, and interested consumers around the world.

Mayahuel Awards

We recognize and showcase leaders in the greater Mezcal community through our annual Mayahuel Awards. Named after the Aztec goddess of maguey, these awards celebrate the achievements of individuals who have displayed dedication and passion for the ideals of sustainable and high quality Mezcal.

Mezcal Stories

The Mezcal community is authentic, diverse, and passionate. Through our Mezcal Stories series we tell the stories of the people who represent every facet of Mezcal from the Maestro Mezcalero to the Mixologist to the enthusiastic consumer and everyone in between in their own voices. Through this ongoing activity, we communicate the importance of preserving the traditions of the Mezcal process, while supporting the livelihoods of those families involved in its production.

Mayahuel Ambassador Program

Promoting Mezcal’s unique qualities is a global effort and we have launched an Ambassador program in countries that have the largest international markets for the beverage. Our Ambassadors in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Turkey have been empowered to teach appreciation for the beverage to their local enthusiasts.